Reigning cute fruit

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Hi all… we have just wrapped Bye Bye Imbusch and it looks fantastic. And despite rumors that jujube has edged us out as the cutest fruit on the block, I promise that those rumors are false. BLUEBERRY LOVE, BLUEBERRY OUT ❤

p.s. without Ferrara, our movie would not have been made. thanks = )

Do Work, Son

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So today….we did work. We know we haven’t blogged in a while, but its only because we have been cranking out cinematic GOLD. But, really, Connor and Marc have been fantastic (especially when they devote whole half days to BBI). btw Mr. Alan just did a STELLAR impersonation of Gollum aka Smiegel from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Speaking of Smiegel… Mr. Alan has just gotten his first glimpse of our footage, and “likes what [he] see[s]” (Alan 3:35) Back to our movie… we have seen some great faculty performances especially from Mr. O’Malley and Ms. Culliton. We’re looking forward to our faveeee scene with Mr. Neubauer, but that has yet to be scheduled. Until we meet again…


The Buzz

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This script was originally written last year by Lissandra Paredes, then rewritten this fall by James Elwood. The final draft is impressively funny. Normally, a script like this would’ve been gobbled up by a studio crew, but the final draft wasn’t completed until late November after all the crews had chosen their screenplays. As a result, Tori O’Neil and Carolyn Cawley were able to secure a top-notch screenplay for this year’s festival. Both directors have experience (Cawley was the co-winner of best director last year) and they have a solid crew in Hannah Rockwood, Brian Connolly, and Sarah Fassett. The final casting came together with Mark Koukoulas and Connor Griffin signing on as the two leads. In total, this is a powerhouse Independent crew. After a very slow start, they have finally got things moving—getting hours worth of shooting done during February vacation. Nevertheless, the slow start has diminished the buzz a bit for this movie—which might work for it in the long run with everyone’s attention turned to the studio films. Tori is editing this movie at home, which means that I have not seen any of the footage, but I trust her eye. She and Cawley could propel this movie into contention if they can get the performances from Mark and Connor. 

Buzz Analysis: A Grande cup of coffee, cream and sugar.


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We filmed for the second time today and really made some progress.  Cawley was not able to join us today unfortunately, but Torie held her own behind the camera. It is Hannah’s birthday today and she’s 17!!!!! It was her birthday wish to be an actress, so we let her be an extra in one trivial scene. We are here with the new and improved Cranberry and they’re friggin awesome! We filmed today with Connor and Kouk and we got interrupted by T Rhodes. And we’re gonna film with Mr. O’Malley, probably on Thurs. if he’s available. Blubes signing out.

Razz in da casa?

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Hello… Razz here.  You missed us…

This may be unnecessary, but for those of you who don’t know us, we are Amy and Kari. We graduated but we come back sometimes to grace the film class with our inspirational presence. We’re pretty awesome.

And now Torie is taking up the O’Neil family film festival tradition and making her SECOND movie. It’s going to be great. But not as great as Razz. But that’s okay because nobody ever really is

So Blueberry couldn’t make it today (slackers), so Alan asked us to fill in… (TYPICAL.)

Anyways, so far it sounds like Blueberry has done nothing yet. But that’s okay because it’s still December and RAZZ never started until January. Plenty of time for movie magic.

So the films this year sound promising… A lot of new blood.  Wonderful.  

Blueberry cute fruit

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    Well, we’ve finally settled on blueberry, which Torie and I agree is a very “cute fruit”  (shout-out to former blueberry James Elwood for his personal recommendation). We’ve started preproduction and are getting some good practice counting down from 10. Why, might you ask? Two words: Mike Connors. Can’t wait until we actually have something good to blog about. Until then…when life gives you lemons (or limes), be happy you listened to Elwood and took blueberry instead. 

                                   lots of love,

                                           gc and oni (the superior siblings)

p.s. magic berries DO NOT exist. 

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