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Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 11.15.59 AM

This script was originally written last year by Lissandra Paredes, then rewritten this fall by James Elwood. The final draft is impressively funny. Normally, a script like this would’ve been gobbled up by a studio crew, but the final draft wasn’t completed until late November after all the crews had chosen their screenplays. As a result, Tori O’Neil and Carolyn Cawley were able to secure a top-notch screenplay for this year’s festival. Both directors have experience (Cawley was the co-winner of best director last year) and they have a solid crew in Hannah Rockwood, Brian Connolly, and Sarah Fassett. The final casting came together with Mark Koukoulas and Connor Griffin signing on as the two leads. In total, this is a powerhouse Independent crew. After a very slow start, they have finally got things moving—getting hours worth of shooting done during February vacation. Nevertheless, the slow start has diminished the buzz a bit for this movie—which might work for it in the long run with everyone’s attention turned to the studio films. Tori is editing this movie at home, which means that I have not seen any of the footage, but I trust her eye. She and Cawley could propel this movie into contention if they can get the performances from Mark and Connor. 

Buzz Analysis: A Grande cup of coffee, cream and sugar.

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